City of Branson's $61 million 2008 Budget

"Branson is in full bloom", said Ward 3 Alderman Stephen Marshall Thursday Sept. 13 at Branson's board of Alderman meeting. Marshall's comments were made after the first reading and board approval of Branson's $61 million 2008 operating budget.
Changes to the budget approval include an initiative by Mayor Raeanne Presley putting qualified citizens on the budget committee.
The process involved intensive all-day meetings and departmental groundwork before alderman gave approval for the 2008 budget.

Budget Presentation Highlights Prepared by City of Branson
Increased Revenue:
Tourism tax estimate up $472,000 from FY2007 estimate.
Sales tax estimate up $700,000 from FY2007 estimate.
Transportation tax up $500,000 from FY2007 estimate.
$4,000,000 projected new revenue from convention center.
Total General Fund revenue up over $4,500,000 from $17,229,552 in FY2007 to $21,946,433 in FY 2008.
Revenue growth covers debt payments and capital project budget.

Major Revenue Sources

2007 Adopted 2008 Projected
Ad valorem Taxes $1,928,896 $2,347,440
Sales Tax $9,662,138 $10,353,000
Transportation Tax $4,831,069 $5,176,000
Tourism Tax $11,050,000 $11,472,000
Licenses/Rents $1,553,833 $5,232,832
Court fines $260,000 $280,000
Fees/Fines/Permits $900,675 $1,191,042
Other revenue $2,026,010 $2,095,900

Expenditures by fund:
General Fund: $20,717,017
Recreation Fund: $2,125,454
Water & Sewer Fund: $8,372,941
Transportation Fund: $1,799,997
Debt Service Fund: $9,705,674
Tourism Tax Fund: $6,967,998
Vehicle and Equipment Fund: $1,612,500
Total: $51,351,581 million.

Capital Budget Highlights
Replacement of a ladder truck for fire department - $700,000.
Replacement of two (2) dump trucks for Public Works - $160,000.
Increase funds to the sinking fund for new police station - $500,000.
Costs for Cooper Creek Wastewater plant engineering and design. - $1,200,000.
Space and location study for new police station - $30,000.
Update design for Fire station #4 - $10,000.
Funding for completion of Fall Creek road - $3.5m
Funding for Long Street – phase 2: $1.5m

Total capital projects: $10.5 million.
All proposed Capital Projects will be funded from current resources and available fund balances with no new bonded debt.

Operating Budget Highlights

The addition of new positions for city departments including:
Police – 2 FTE
City Clerk – 1.5 FTE
Health – 1 FTE
Salary adjustments for police officers and 30 other positions to make salaries comparable with other market cities as well as salary adjustments (COLA) for all employees.
Health Insurance increase of 7.31%.
Convention center operations - $4 million.
Increased debt service due to the Branson Landing project - $2.1 million

Total Budget is $61 million.
Represents a 23% increase over 2006-2007.
If new and one time items were removed, the budget increase would annually be only 5.65%.