Branson Missouri Ranked Most Influential Missouri Blog

Blog Net News ranked Branson Missouri the most influential blog in Missouri this week. We figure we'd use this five minutes of fame to issue mad props....

First we'd like to thank the small group of ethically impaired reporters. If it weren't for you...(wiping tears of joy with trembling lower lip)......

Next, we want to recognize Michelle Sherwood and David Catanese for representing Missouri's West Side with their Emmy Nominations. Tony (sniffle) for showing the world that bikinis and politics can mix.

For you Soccer Guy and my friend the undercover education lobbyist (chuckles while tears fly - sniffle).
No seriously, Randy Turner and Steve Olson - two Southwest Missouri Bloggers who converted their blogs to small publishing empires. Turner's book (The Turner Report) is a must read and Olson's upcoming Magazine features some of the best sports photography available.. (smile)

To all the Missouri Politicians, Bloggers, Missouri Political Bloggers, Springfield Bloggers Association. Everyone on the Branson Agent and Tech Trends blogrolls.

And thank you readers. We appreciate the credit but in the future credit is needed just pass the credit cards.

I love you all! (blows kisses while exiting stage left)