Branson Edge threatens discrimination suit against Titanic (JK)

Is the Princess Tea Party open to fathers?

On October 13th and 14th the Titanic Branson is hosting a princess tea party. The advertisement clearly states:

"Titanic’s First Class Maid will host the event and serve as her young guests’ guide through a time-honored English tea ceremony. Etiquette rules, proper manners, place setting protocol, pouring techniques and refined behavior will be served along with finger sandwiches, sweet delicacies and fine English tea.

Why not make this a Mother/Daughter celebration at the Titanic Museum Attraction in Branson?

The Founding Fathers For Family Federation issued this warning.

"Organizations that fail to recognize fathers enjoy finger sandwiches, delicacies and fine English tea, hear this warning. Gone are the days when we, the Founding Fathers For Family Federation will tolerate being left out of tea parties"

According to a press release, "The invitation sent to my daughter McCartney Codon was a good start but I'm not stating at this time that the level of compensation offered can heal the emotional damage done"

At press time, no documents had been filed in the 38th Circuit Court. Being that the FFFFF is a fictional organization - none are anticipated.