A Baptist Church Burning

Nearly a year and a half ago a Baptist Church in Hollister was burnt to the ground.

The rumour is that a young man of 17 is guilty of the crime. Multiple sources confirm the accusation and the possibility of a "forgiveness" stance by the church fathers.

Calls went rushing in to the Newspaper nearly four months ago from members of the congregation - those outside of the know.

The official stance of the Hollister police department is that the "arson case" is still under investigation.

When a case is under investigation, Sunshine legislation doesn't apply. As long as the file is "under investigation" we - the press - can't access it.

The FBI just released an interesting story about a Baptist Church burning down
they'releasing 3,000 pages on their Freedom of Information Portal.

I've found the FBI to be a great source of information often better than the Associated Press versions.

The great thing about the FBI is their document retention policies. Though they might mistakes, they leave the trail so we can acknowledge, correct and improve our society.

Open records help us be more hones with ourselves as a society which gives us the ability to strengthen our weaknesses.