Princess Presley

Forget these words - remember this picture.
As reporters we seek truth above all else, at least if we're doing our job correctly. You'll notice we post home-made videos, pictures and text to tell the stories and share the history of our community. Each story is different but photos are my favorite capturing the spirit of a moment - exchangeable for a thousand words .
The picture you above is of the future Ambrus Presley. She's gazing at the family she'll soon be joining as wife of John Presley, a talented piano player and member of the third generation of Presley talent.
As I was shooting photos of the Presley's 40th anniversary celebration I caught Ambrus in this proud gaze - a look that reminded me of every childhood crush in days past when I was able to survive on good looks and boyish charm.
The marriage of John and Ambrus ensures another generation of the Presley's legacy in Branson.
Cheers to Branson's first family - to John - to Ambrus - and to all of us in Branson - we celebrate with you!