Quick Note About Branson Political Coverage

On January 28th we posted Branson's final candidate list for the upcoming election.

Ward II Alderman hopeful Cris Bohinc's name was misspelled. The post was brought to my attention this afternoon. Occasionally, not often enough, we run posts through spell check. Cris' last name is unique and the name was altered to fit the closest noun. I was sent an e-mail at a busy time and didn't really think much of it - major mistake. After being approached I apologized to Cris.

Unfortunately, the post aroused some contention and raised some questions about coverage.

In the past we've tried to balance out coverage of candidates by giving them equal opportunity to voice ideas. Over the next few weeks we'll be working hard to give all candidates running an opportunity to address issues they find important as well as issues citizens address. Some of these discussions have already begun.

We'll work hard to make sure every candidate has a forum to enter assertions into the realm of public debate. We're not endorsing any candidate but would rather put issues on the table and facilitate potential leaders contributions to public discourse. It's not our intention to choose favorites or assert personal opinions. We've tried to balance coverage in the past and will strive to continue this tradition as we move forward.

Often, when a story is covered correctly both sides are disappointed. They feel convicted by a belief which is why they enter ideas into the public debate to begin with. Politicos are often upset when the report doesn't choose a perspective. It's the realm of human experience and perspectives that we hope to communicate not the writer's personal bias.