Do Democrats like Democracy?

Local attorney and Hollister judge Randy Anglen forwarded a petition this week to persuade Superdelegates to follow the will of the people when selecting a Democratic presidential nominee.

Foreign nationals have a hard time understanding the delegate process. Allow me to sum it up. Here, in America, your vote may or may not count depending on the integrity of delegates. Delegates are representatives of the people who get to vote. Instead of voting for a president - you vote to have a delegate elected who actually casts deciding votes. Some states require delegates to follow the will of the people through statute. By default its a question of moral fortitude - which varies by individual and demands a functioning moral compass.

Appointing delegates is a painstaking process. Because the process is so important, delegates are chosen based on their loyalty to individuals and the party. We're eight months away from an October surprise and the elongated election process ensures the democratic party has plenty of opportunities to error - which seems to be a pattern every time Democrats have a sure thing. In fact, thats why the Suuperdelegate process was birthed - to ensure the radical factions of the party don't appoint a Democrat with little chance of winning a general election. Unlike years past, both remaining Democrat contenders have a good shot of winning the presidency. Both poll ahead of their potential Republican rival.

Delegates are chosen on the basis of friendship and loyalty. Remember that guy you bailed out of jail? Since he owes you - put him on your list of delegates should you ever make a bid for president. Multiply this by a few thousand and you have a better understating of the delegate process than most Americans - who actually think their vote counts.

Superdelegates are Democrats who have shown political prowess and electability. The list of superdelegates is composed of sitting Democratic governors, senators, congressmen and Dems that have achieved status through a vote of the people in the past.

The question is, will they vote for the candidate a majority of Democrats want to see elected? Click on the link above to view the current Superdelegate count and background of the people who will choose who the next Democratic presidential candidate will be - regardless of how the people actually vote.