Day off Politics - Gone Fishing

Instead of heading to Jefferson City I'm preparing for trout week. It's a spiritual practice of the Hillbilly Arts. Unlike those fishing for sport; during trout week I eat or trade every Steelhead aka Rainbow Trout that gravitates towards my hook.
Lake Taneycomo, named after its location (Taney County, MO).
A few miles upstream the state breeds trout which makes its way down to the docks two hundred yards from my apartment. The cost per fish is somewhere in the neighborhood of $3.50 and the state charges me 12 dollars for a fishing license, and an additional 7 dollars for a trout stamp. I can keep up to six fish daily.
At daybreak I'll start earning the money back.

When I get back, we'll talk about Jefferson City and the results of the official gunshot starting Media Hunting Season or Political Races throughout the state. In the meantime I'm hoping you'll help me do some homework with the "Ultimate Lobby File Showcase"

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