Sliver Dollar City Does Business With the City

During last nights debate Branson Ward III Alderman contender Marc Williams refrained from a direct attack on Alderman Stephen Marshall regarding a potential conflict of interest.

Alderman Marshall runs Chateau on the Lake, a project John Q Hammons developed - as legend has it - against the wishes of the companies board of directors without special financing terms. Last year, Hammons told a municipality in Lake of the Ozarks that they wouldn't build without a Tax Increment Financing (TIF). Marshall serves on the oversight committee for the Branson Convention Center, a contract many believe Hammons will bid to manage in the future.

Williams did remind listeners that the city is currently leasing land to Herschend Family Entertainment (HFE)- White Water.

The switch in direction of the debate is important as the Hershcend family is helping bankroll Williams contenter Rick Davis.