KRZK Debates - Branson Missouri

6:24 Rick Davis gives a detailed introduction, moved to Branson in 1980 from Houston (I didn't know that)...10 years on Branson Planning and Zoning

6:25 Marc Williams commends Davis on his community service. Marc Williams says the "city is a business".

Branson Political Scoop:
6:30 The skill set that an Alderperson needs to have, certainly Mark and HCW....we need them - we need Marks skill set....If it's simply about a business decision...the next big deal...what city hall has been about over the last decade than your not connecting with community groups.

Marc Williams is a Certified Public Accountant.

6:35 Rick Davis: The city administrator has the responsibility to manage finances and daily services, police, fire and water. The city administrator is also responsible for Economic Development. The city administrator is not responsible for setting the vision of the city.

6:37 Marc Williams: I disagree with Davis...what I want the public to understand is the city of Branson is a business....the city of Branson has 6 Alderman who run the company. The mayor is the CEO, our president is the City Manager, Finance Director CEO, Legal Council if your lucky enough ..... I don't think we're going to disagree on many issues, Our stockholders are the citizens of Branson , my concern ...we've been without a city manager for nine months. A business wouldn't allow the a business to go that long without a President. ...Economic Developement... The citizens need a return on their investment. We don't have a director of finance, no one overseeing our accounting function. Running this city is a business, you don't allow key positions to go unfulfilled. The great thing about a city being a non-profit, they can raise taxes, and I don't want to see that happen.
Stan Barker, White River Electric, Sandra Williams retired city clerk, Stephen Marshall Manager of Chateau on the Lake. March Williams, understanding the business of the city is in a great position to be a member of the board of alderman...I think I can help the alderman and the mayor, I can help with contract negotiation...I can represent the citizens of this city and think I am a compliment to the city of Branson and the Board of Alderman

Rick Davis: The basic assumption of running the city strictly as a business....The city shouln't just be about making money, it's affairs and business that occurs, serrvices that a city must provide. The reason we come together to make ourselves a city isn't about money but to create a sense of place - the environment we want to create...more than simply a business with a profitable bottom line.

KRZK: Can we provide services without profit?

Rick Davis: We pay for them with taxes, if we were to run it as a business - we should charge more for every business we provide...

Marc Williams - I know everyone heard Dr. Davis response to profitability - I'm taken back a little concern for the city of Branson is unless the revenues are there, maintained or increased we can't provide the services the citizens need. If the city raises more funds through tourism...thats wonderful ...becuase the city has an obligation to spend that money back on the citizens of Branson we're being asked to protect $333 million in assets with a $65 Million budget. I want to keep that there. Tourism is 62% of the city's budget, if the industry dies what are we going to do...Economic Growth...again - what Dr. Davis said, I believe we have 5 Alderman with a little different backgroud. If we don't move forward, we'll have to raise taxes to maintain our lifestyle and service. Go 40 miles to the North, to Springfield at a city who is cutting their budget, they didn't pay attention, not planning. ....77% decline. My background, I can work with city staff, I can talk to the city manager. When the numbers slide, there is going to be a negative impact on the community. We have to protect what we have, our revenues if the citizens what the benefits we have now. I hope the city has growth . (

6:51 Rick Davis declines opportunity to respond

Polling Constituents
6:56 Rick Davis - Polling and communication with the city helps the city understand the needs and desires with what's going on. I encourage citizens to be responsive and active in communications with the city ...the Mayor and Board of Alderman have done a good job with the questionnaire...understanding the basic desires .... should help with the vision and mission statements to help the city build from that platform methods to conduct services. The surveys are an opportunity for citizens to sit down and take a few minutes ....I've received mine and hope the citizens take time to fill them out.

6:59 Marc Williams
- I'm curious why Davis got a survey but I did not. I did fill the survey out, one as a business and one as a citizen. I commend the Mayor and Council for sending out the survey, getting input and understanding what the citizens wants are important, we should do as the citizens ask; however, there are a lot of occasions where you can't get a lot of input, they meet every week in meetings. citizens have the opportunity to address council in these open meetings. I'm going back, the city of Branson is a business, you elect board of alderman to act on behalf of the best interests of the city he or she represent. You elect them to act in your best interests , an alderman may have more facts and understanding about an issue and its a tough job, an alderman may not vote with how the constituency wants who doesn't have the facts. Decisions have to made quicker than some citizens would like. I'll take as much input that is available. I've committed to meeting with the citizens in my ward no less than twice a year with an open door policy. I'll vote in the best interest in the city. When you look at the candidates, neither of us needs much training , but when you vote it's a two year term, as a citizen you can't afford to have someone who doesn't have experience ....

Rick Davis
: Either of us are capable of being a good leader and taking on the challenge....the conduct of buainess at city hall, the demeanor ...the atmosphere ... the way they were being treated was somewhat negative, or a lot negative. I've chaired the Planning and Zoning committee and often get letters from citizens happy with the treatment they've recieved.
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...Quick Break

Do you think the you'll ever have to make a decision that you wouldn't be able to talk to the City Alderman before a decision is made?

Rick Davis Not always, we're not a direct democracy we're a representative democracy but you should be familiar with the members of your board, As for making a decision the city staff should be able to provice enough background where they could make a decision..

Marc Williams:I believe in open government, it's not always possible to get everyones input. You cant go out and poll citizens every time you make a decision. Our leaders now feel like they can't make a decision without's impossible. If the Alderperson cannot make a decision without input, opportunities will go by.....the city is a municipality has to be run like a business

Rick Davis: You can't always poll but the survey was a guidepost to understand the citizens to help us understand what we want to become and thats a worthwhile effort....Our justification for growth is knowing what are community wants to become...I hope it's a starting point for us. ....