Branson Alderman Debates

Debates are beggining live on KRZK.

FULL Transcript Will Be Posted Tomorrow....(Notes - not actual transcript)

Jack Purvis is opening up debate giving backround, followed by Chris Bohinc.

6:22 Economic Development

1. Chris Bohinc says , all stakeholders need to be involved in the process

2. Jack Purvis, says, he was against the Branson Landing project before he did hundreds of hours of research ....

Bohinc doesn't respond.....

6:26 What is Infrastructure Development

Purvis, "If we didn't cut down some of the trees, we'd all be living in's the cities responsibility to create better infrastructure.

We have a bill coming up and we need to pay it. Responsible growth - we've been promised curb and gutter since the 1990's ...before we spend money on new development, we need to take care of people who've been here.

Bohinc obviously isn't up to speed....(details 10 year growth projects with $ amounts) without economic development the ....

Bohinc - I'm not sure what you knew to understand, I don't know what Jack knew when he started in the 70's

All our area

The Branson Meadows TIF wasn't a very good TIF, Branson Hills and Branson Meadows TIF's were good TIF;s - we learned from the past....We created an incubator 1,200 new jobs in the branson landing, 106 million dollars in sales.....we recently had an expert who tried to enlighten us on TIF's ...the question was asked just what have the TIF's done for Branson, he danced around the issue.....we're not Kansas City...when asked how much was generated ....Money for schools went up 246% from the Branson Landing area

Bohinc - Do you think our three TIF's are good TIF's

I think the Branson Meadows speaks for itself, we have learned from it. I wasn't aware of the TIF's ....I did learn that we could have set it up differently ... we could have generated a lot of money for our community.

The problem with Cris' thinking, without the TIF there were no funds...I think it's far better to have 50% of something than 100% of nothing....the TIF's we have in Branson, I don't resent when an expert comes into town and doesn't tell the whole story....

The community is our ward, You've lived here for two years and I've never seen live two blocks from me.

Willoughby; I built my business the old fashion way....

Last year we had a billion dollars in sales. Each business has the opportunity to capture new customers that come because of our new development. The more people that come in .....I remember when the Chamber reported sales were flat - now they're up 5.46 percent....we're seeing more traffic because of the TIF's, It also retracts

Our downtown is in survival...they've quadrupled competition...if we're going to place competition and call it economic development....

How do you create economic development without competition?

It's not a matter of competition - Look at the Sight and Sound theater's 60% of our budget....It's high quality wonderful growth that makes our city unique.

TIF's shift the risk from the developer to the Taxpayer....the TIF board was made up of Branson Alderman and other groups such as the school board need to be considered.

What about the Mayor's endorsement

I'm not a yes person, I'm a person that digs deep - The mayor knows that I'm not a yes person

Why should people
On Dec, 18th the Mayor had a private meeting where the Mayor said she asked Bohinc to run .....

There are a lot of Blogs out there that put out misinformation.......

How come I've never seen you ---

I've walked hundreds of miles down the road, I have seen places that I don't see fit to live.

Bohinc: You talk about the hundreds of jobs....did you bring any proposals that have addressed affordable housing ....

What is affordable housing? .... we haven't done an inventory. What makes affordable housing good to the community. .....flexibility

(Affordable Housing Dialogue Continues....)

With the cost of energy rising)