Jay Nixon in Branson For Fundraiser

Democrats are an increasing political animal in the Branson area. A fundraiser-mixer for Jay Nixon is beggining South of Branson at Murder Rock.

Nixon reportedly raised $30,000 in the Branson area and is meeting with local contributers. In a recent Ramussen poll, Nixon is the frontrunner in the race to become Missouri's Next Governor.

In the poll, both Missouri Treasurer Sarah Steeman and US Rep Kenny Huslshof (R) trail Missouri Attorney General Jay Nixon in the governor's race:

""The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Missouri voters found Democratic Attorney General Jay Nixon continuing to lead two Republican candidates in the race for the state’s next governor.

Nixon leads State Treasurer Sarah Steelman 46% to 39% and Congressman Kenny Hulshof 48% to 37%. Nixon’s lead over Steelman has narrowed somewhat since last month, from eleven points to seven points. The gap between Nixon and Hulshof has decreased from eighteen points to eleven points this month.

Nixon does well among women in both match-ups. The Attorney General has a twenty-two point lead over Steelman and a twenty-one point lead over Hulshof among women voters. Nixon ties Hulshof among men but trails Steelman by eight points.

Among unaffiliated voters, Nixon leads Hulshof 45% to 28% and Steelman 43% to 31%. Nixon also has strong leads over both candidates among voters between the ages of 18 and 39.

Nixon is viewed favorably by 54% and unfavorably by 34%. Hulshof earns positive reviews from 40% and negative feedback from 37%. Steelman’s numbers are 45% favorable and 33% unfavorable.

Republican Governor Matt Blunt, who recently decided against seeking re-election, earns good or excellent ratings from 42% of Missouri voters. Thirty-percent (30%) say he is doing a poor job"