Branson Internet Caususes Begin

The Branson Edge boasts 100,000 users this year with a reach of 1 in 7 Branson residents.

Due to commercial interest, vast archives and comprehensive coverage - In other words "the cold hard cash" coverage those wise enough to invest will bring, Branson residents in Branson Alderman Ward I, Ward II and Ward III can submit video or written endorsements for their candidates linked up and published on our Media service.

This is an important election, the future of Branson depends on the direction of the people's vote. Ask yourself this, Do you know more about the agendas of Clinton, Obama and McCain than you do about the 100,000,000 dollar powerhouse your vote controls?

Anonymity becomes an issue during elections, can get nasty in addition to great ideas being pushed - drop an email by clicking on the sidebar to state your case for:

Branson Ward II
Cris Bohinc
Jack Purvis

Branson Ward III
Rick Davis
Marc Williams