Springfield Blogger Awards

1. Best Special Event Coverage (Blog and the coverage)
2008 Caucus - 100 video clips of presidential candidates, 200 Embedded Pictures, actual documents from inside presidential campaigns...good stuff. The project involved three Springfield area citizen journalists on the ground in Iowa and embedded in presidential campaigns.
2. Best Comical Blog
Desdidova - an irreverent critique of the Springfield media

3. Best News Blog
KY3 Politics - passionate coverage of politics
Tony Messenger - Not only does Messenger address important issues but contributed significantly to the field by forcing and winning a battle verifying the right of reporters to receive information in a digital form.
Branson Missouri:

4. Best Entertainment Blog
Fat Jacks Erratic Rants - Fat Jack is in a category of his own. If there was a category for best edu-blog Jack would win. Jack gives great insight into the field of education and the importance of edu-tainment as a means to engage students.

5. Best Photography Blog
(Will Post Later

6. Best Personal Blog
2 Dollar Bill - Passionate about politics and atheist leanings, "The Sniderman" raises interesting questions about faith and science.

7. Best Local Coverage Blog
Branson Missouri - The Springfield Media market closed in this year on covering local politics - but the trend is new - the movement has only really ramped up during the last quarter of the year though it looks like it will continue.

8. Best Resource Blog
Rhetorica - Want to understand press politics? (This site has it covered)

9. Best Sports Blog (coverage, promotion, or fantasy sports)
(Will Post Later)

10. Best Political Blog
(Will post later)

11. Most Improved Blog
Busplunge - Really found hiis voice this year

12. Rookie Blog of the Year
Life of Jason - The site made major changes in format throughout the year. Jason clearly has great writing skills and style. The site has made several transitions this year. Some of my favorite posts relate to issues relating to his autistic child. The site seemed to move from a personal to a religious blog and most recently a Springfield City Politics blog .

13. Blog of the Year
(Will Post Later)

14. Blog Post of the Year
Michelle Sherwood - Sherwood's discussion on "What is News" is both informative and thought provoking.

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