Missouri House of Representatives 94th Session Opening Address

Rod Jetton opened the Missouri House of Representatives 94th session with the slam of a gavel today at noon.
..."I think that's what has allowed us to lead this state. I am so proud that we have set an example of putting the partisan differences aside and working together to solve the key issues in a professional way – not that you agree but you did it in a professional way. We really changed this state and to me that's something we should all be proud of. And I thank you because we can't do it by ourselves. It takes all of us together to do it.

Now we have a few issues – I'll talk a bout a few things I hope we can work on in this last year. I know it's an election year and people say you can't do as much, but I will tell you the gentleman from Jackson , LeVota district, the new minority leader; I can't tell you how many times he and I have talked on the phone this Fall and Summer. Believe it or not, a Democrat and a Republican can pick up the phone and talk about how we're going to deal with an issue. Does that mean we agree? Not always, but we at least talk about what can we do to solve a problem for people in this state."

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