KY3's David Catanese in Iowa (Video) - "Blogging is better than television"

(The above clip is of Springfield's local NBC affiliate KY3 Political Correspondent David Catanese and his personal photog in Des Moines, Iowa Caucus Headquarters. Filmed by Darin Codon 2 hours before caucusing was scheduled to begin.)
Between an interview with Governor Blunt and Barrack Obams'a campaign manager I grabbed the footage you can view by clicking on the arrow above.
Due to the fact Catanese is from Southwest Missouri and has extensive firsthand knowledge of Mike Huckabee, it's likely NBC will send him on the road to cover more of the caucus.
On New Year's Eve, while I was filming Huckabee make his first attempt at playing "Hard Day's Night" on the bass, Catanese attended "Raucus before the Caucus". The event was sponsored by the Iowan Republican and Democratic parties. A buffet and open bar was provided for members of the media at the low cost of $25. Towards the end of the video we tease Catanese about the event. We have no reason to believe Catanese partook of an alcoholic beverage.
Media ethics and guidelines news organizations force journalists to adhere to was a storyline followed while witnessing the political process firsthand.
Catanese did a great job covering the event and led the AP video wire when final analysis was needed after Iowa Caucus results were tallied.
When I first met Catanese a couple years ago, he was shocked when I told him that I didn't watch television and preached the gospel of the wonders of the boob tube. In Iowa he conceded, "Blogging is Better".
In addition to corresponding for KY3 Catanese manages a blog titled Political Notebook.