Missouri Senate Opening Address 94th General Assembly

Senator Gibbons opened up the 2008 legislative session at high noon in Jefferson City.
Political pundits say nothing much will happen here this year. We owe it to the people of Missouri to prove them wrong. It is fitting that we begin in January, because this is the time of year that exudes hope and optimism.
The New Year is here, and all things are possible. We meet people every day who come here as advocates, regardless of past disappointments, who believe this is the year their issue will succeed. We owe it to the people who care so much that they travel here to share their ideas to listen to them and take action where we can. Were we elected simply to engage in political posturing? To test the wind or react to the latest poll? Or, are we here to give voice to the hopes and dreams of the people and look for those opportunities to make life better for the people we represent?

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