Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama Say Race/Gender unimportant as they try to sway voters by race and gender

Last year, KY3's political reporter David Catanese caught flak for having a political sticker on his desk. As a joke, I decorated the back of my laptop with political stickers perfectly divided - Democrats to the left and Republicans to the right.
While in Iowa, as part of my research I stopped by the political headquarters of several presidential candidates on a daily basis.
Propaganda was collected at each location. During the last democratic lovefest/debate Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama traded pleasantries to convince the general public that race and gender weren't a factor. Of course, pundits estimate the lovefest will end soon as the political boiler begins to heat.
I thought that it was important to point out that both camps were generating race and gender based materials. If you click on the image above you'll notice and African Americans for Hillary and Women for Obama stickers created by their respective parties.
They were the only two candidates that generated race/gender specific marketing materials.