Senator Jack Goodman Files

BransonEdge: "What's the difference between an interrogation and an interview.

Sam Clanton: "A hot bulb, which can easily be replaced with the flash of a camera"

Journalism is a dangerous game. Once I covered a story about a fire in Hollister. The chief inspector called it arson, the homeowner called it an accident. I didn't have any backup and the woman was complaining because no one wanted to rent to her after the incident. Luckily, the investigator stood by the verbal comment. I didn't sleep that night.
I know senators who are scared out of their gourds to speak with the press...they studder and filter themselves to the nth degree. Why? They've been taken out of context and misquoted. New rule - If at all possible publish source documents. Its a matter of ethics and integrity.
Following my own advice, I'm publishing some of the audio files I've reported on over the last couple of years. Often, I'll pull a story from a series of four or five interviews. It's time consuming and a double edge sword but it can make all the difference in the world when it comes to a dispute.

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We cover Senate Bill 64 - Castle Doctrine - Parental Rights and more.