Jack Goodman 's Castle Doctrine Signed Into Law

Today, at high noon, Goodman's castle doctrine was signed into effect. The bill is a victory for rural law abiding gun totin' Missourians and defeat for criminals who, in other states, have one large financial rewards for taking a bullet while committing a crime.
Basically, if you're robbing someone's house, or planning a sexual assault by waiting in someone's house until they come home to their rural home 20 miles from the nearest police station it would be wise for you to study up on Missouri's new "don't ask, don't tell" rifle policy. Yes, that is correct, you can legally be shot.
Some of the urban politicians don't really understand this principle. Southern Missouri is rural. The politics of our district reflect this. Springfield Representative, The Democrat from Missouri House of Representatives District 138, Sara Lampe, once told me, "I have relatives who wouldn't survive without a rifle". In other words, the second amendment isn't a wedge issue in Southern, Missouri, though they've made it one in Jefferson City.
The bill was one of three major issues for Goodman and was the topic of conversation during several of our winter interviews. Coverage of the bill, bordered on irresponsible. Goodman is a straight shooter (forgive the pun) and never once cited a case where this issue was brought up in the state , he has cited cases in other states. Anyway, if you want to talk about the issue further, you're welcome to come to my house. If you get there early, I wouldn't advise you breaking in.

(Update: 7/8/07 typo Sara Lampe 138