Presley Family 40th Anniversary

The Presley family celebrated 40 years on the Branson strip Saturday. The clip below provides a brief introduction to the family members.
The event itself celebrated a larger family unit with a humble spirit. Raeanne noted it would be rediculous to believe we'd have this kind of success without the community supporting us. The celebration was a thank you and acknowledgment of a larger family - our community.
The celebration started with a BBQ feast provided by Dana's BBQ, the show , then cake. I'm very upset that I wasn't able to grab a piece of cake - torrential rains and digital gear forced me to leave early.
It's almost hard to imagine an intimate group of 500 people, but thats what the event was.
Steve Presley announced a book will soon be released about the history of the Presley family. It's believed the book will place the Baldknobbers move from the Branson waterfront to the 76 strip at 1970. They joke, "at the time we didn't know if Branson could support two shows".
To the Presleys, work is about family and the Presleys have truly made Branson their home - some live in houses built behind the theater. Other local families are known to commute.
Sure, free BBQ had something to do with being seduced to attend event. A shortage of help at the drink line led me to spend a half hour filling cups with ice. Still, it was good to be a Presley for a day