Jack Purvis

Perhaps best known for his brightly colored shirts and tight khaki pants, Branson Ward II Alderman Jack Purvis is a member of a biker gang known throughout prisons nationwide. A few days ago, I ran in to Purvis at the Branson Landing - consequently - it was the perfect time to talk about his favorite topic.
For nearly 14 years Purvis and his Christian motorcycle gang visit prisons to share their faith. There are physical prisons and there are prisons not visible to the human eye. Purvis's mission is to liberate those incarcerated for their crimes against society from the spiritual bonds that bind them.
The missionary methods are based off of a tract method" known as the four spiritual laws. Professional athletes, entertainers and fellow bikers fellowship as part of an organization started by Bill Glass.
After they leave, prison wardens acknowledge a difference in the inmates. Some cell blocks are transformed from violent to peaceful. For drug abusers recidivism rates can exceed 85% (meth). After a spiritual awakening, the rate is greatly reduced. After he leaves, Purvis often maintains contact with the prisoners - cultivating their spiritual growth as they experience a new freedom behind metallic bars.