Senator Justus Pops Off - Castle Doctrine Debate

This is cracking me up. I'm listening to Branson native, Senator Jolie Justus D-Kansas City. Justus was punished for filibustering the MoHELA bill. She took a stab during debate over Branson's Senator Jack Goodman R-Mt. Vernon.
The debate is over Goodman's castle doctrine which says - if you shoot someone who's robbing your house - you won't have to face civil litigation.
Justus says during debate , "I don’t want all the guns taken away in my district because of retribution for debating the topic. Senator Graham D-Columbia and Justus were punished during the MoHELA sale losing $31 million and $15 million for projects slated for their districts for extending a filibuster.

currently joking about Branson Pirate football. :)