Branson Area Realizes the Communist Dream

College of The Ozarks 
This shot reminds me of my favorite poem contained in my 5th Grade textbook. It was written in regards to industrialization and the movement of America from an agrarian society.

Carnation Milk
Carnation Milk is the best in the land
Here I sit with a can in my hand

No tits to pull, no hay to pitch
you just put a hole in the sonofabit..

College of the Ozarks is an institution where you can get an education in exchange for 15 hours hard labor per week. You can work in your field during your last couple of years and leave with a diploma debt free. The Keeter Center, at the entrance includes an excellent menu with milk pulled from the cows outside...fresh. Whole wheat flour and an assortment of other products from the mill can be found in the gift store at the Keeter center. They're a whole lot cheaper than the grocery store - if your local mart even has such products. If your visiting the Branson area, this unique institution is a must see.
Students must live be a strict standard. Last year, several star basketball players were expelled for attending a party busted by Hollister PD. The suspensions and expulsions came at the price of back to back NAIA basketball championship rings.
The speakers the school has brought to the Branson Area is impressive and include George H.W. Bush, Gerald Ford, Margaret Thatcher and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Next , expect British Prime Minister Tony Blair to speak.
I think of College of the Ozarks like this: Take the communist dream - remove the communists - add Christianity, sprinkle democracy and wallah...