Branson Missouri - Citizens on Patrol in Local Government

Headlines contain details about the top issues of the day. It can be difficult to communicate the small details or the spirit of a political body without editorializing. Below is a short which is being published in the Branson Daily Independent in a few hours.

Three initiatives tightening the connection between Branson's elected officials and citizenry made headway this week at city hall.
Bill 3416 puts citizens on patrol in budget and finance, capital improvements and personnel committees. Positions on these committees are currently limited to paid and elected officials. Appointees must be either residents or work in a Branson business and appointed by the mayor with alderman approval.
Bill 3417 ensures materials will be made available to aldermen and the public 24 hours earlier than previously required. Department heads will be required to prepare resolutions, contract documents and presentations seven days before city council meetings are scheduled.
Bill 3418 relates to the way meeting notes are kept. The initiative requires city notes to contain a brief synopsis on statements made to alderman by members of the public who address the board of alderman. Current meeting notes detail who spoke without mention of what they said. The purpose of the bill is to create a more accurate public record.
All three bills were approved after their first reading. A second reading and subsequent vote slated for June 11 is required before they become law. A fourth initiative , still in the concept stage, will allow the city to regularly poll residents for perspectives, input and opinion on issues related to the cities development.