Filling in the gaps - Taney County Courthouse

There's a story below. Pumping out press releases are a good idea - especially if you're a government entity. Reporting from press releases alone is just downright Un - American. Why? They're always a boast or a brag. For me, pulling a story from a press release alone is almost embarrassing - though in a bind they can save your backside. From now on I'm getting the backup data - especially on crime stories. The best way to get stories from the courthouse - be there. Since I've been covering the courts I've noticed more reporters showing up for "events". This is a positive movement and we (the press) need to be more educated and informed about the events that take place in the courtroom so we can give a proper critique instead of regurgitating "hype". If we don't - If someone doesn't, we're all in trouble .... maybe .... truth is ... Attorney's as a group have a passion for justice. Problem is they're all members of a union that cares more about profits than prophets.

The Taney County Prosecutor’s office announced all three members of a 2006 burglary ring are now in prison. Branson Harrison, 32 of Kirbyville, plead guilty last week on two felony counts relating to burglary charges receiving six years in a state penitentiary.
Richard L’Hommedieu, 42 of Branson Missouri plead guilty for his contribution and is scheduled for sentencing July 5.
The third member, Casey Moore 32 of Omaha, Ark., plead guilty and was sentenced to 16 years in the Missouri Department of Corrections on charges related to the burglary ring. Moore made regional headlines after escaping from the Taney County Jail mid-march. Moore received an additional seven years hard time for his escape from the Taney County Jail.