Nelly Tickets To Sell Out This Week

Nelly tickets are going fast according to the Grand Palace theater owner Paul Dunn who believes tickets will be sold out mid-week unless his request to hold the concert outdoors is honored by city leaders.

Dunn's request to hold the concert outdoors was answered in a press release and distributed to media outlets nationwide.

City of Branson's Official Denial of Outdoor Permit Illustrates Foul Play
An interesting caveat to the story is the fact Branson's Board of Alderman released their decision in a planning session rather then a regular city meeting. The majority of these are unattended by press representatives and have allowed city leaders malfeasance without consequence.

 False Information Processed through City Official Releases
The dangerous trend of media outlets publishing press releases without sourcing has compounded the problem as Branson's mayor has has unfettered access to print false data at will. On Sunday the Springfield News-Leader printed a story on the front page defuncting some of the statements Raeanne Presley has been pushing to the press in regards to the Branson Landing data.

City Bypasses Legislative  Processes
 When it came to Nelly performing outdoors the city leaders were quick to bypass processes in a story that got national airplay. Presley, since elected to office,  has used  heavy handed legislative action thwarting a prospering free market economy and forcing local business entities to get mayoral permission before they access constitutionally promised rights.

Last months distributed copy at city meetings contained more legislation than President Obama's health-care package.

Dunn was diplomatic in a report issued by KSPR earlier today noting city leaders have been working "behind the scenes" to ensure the concert could be held indoors. Still, Dunn expressed his desire to move the concert outside as intended.

The city's official excuse was that Dunn didn't complete his application for an exercise of "free speech" outdoors. While the city offered to bend the rules regarding indoor permitting no such offer was made to help Dunn hold the concert outside.

While the tax payer subsidized Presley theater (millions in marketing dollars) hasn't been successful in bringing new people to Branson, Nelly seems to have no problem. In fact, the demand for A entertainment in Branson is so large that it would take an outdoor venue to meet the rising demand.