Mormon No Longer A Cuss Word in Branson

Mormon Leader Brigham Young's proposal to create a state called Deseret
An article titled "Branson Mormons promote faith by example" was posted last week on the Deseret News website "Mormon. times". Sheila Dutton of the Dutton family noted Darren Romeo by saying "When we first came, we were told that a famous Las Vegas star tried to put on his regular show here. He had to change his act to survive. The people said that they wanted him to clean up his act or stop,"

Jason Hughes said, ""When the Osmonds first came to Branson, the word 'Mormon' was like a cuss word,"  implying discrimination is no longer an issue.

Missouri has a unique history as it is the only state that has created an order allowing and promoting the legal murder of a person for their religous beliefs.

Mormon founder Joseph Smith, aside from being a religous leader was an activist against slavery and preparing for a presidential bid before Governor Bobbs issued an extermination order forcing Mormon leaders to flee north to Navoo, Illinois.

In Navoo, Joseph Smith penned "Views on the Powers and Policies of the United States." The political essay written in 1844 asked for an end to slavery.

The executive order by Governor Boggs was rescinded in 1980 by Missouri Governor and current Senator Kit "Christopher" Bond. Until 1980 it was legal to kill a Mormon in Missouri without consequence.

The document is on display at the "Community of Christ" headquarters in Jackson County, Missouri. The Community of Christ along with other offshoots from Smith's original church are scattered primarily in the Independence area with branches throughout the world. Community of Christ followers distinguish themselves from Mormons acknowledging a split from pioneer Brigham Young who led followers to Salt Lake City after Smiths assassination.

The Community of Christ was established after Joseph Smith's grandson was invited back to Missouri from Navoo abandoning the leadership of Young and his ambitions to move church members west.

Mormons were instrumental in helping the United States battle the Spanish with a batallion stationed in San Diego. It was Young's desire to create a state titled "Deseret" which extended from Utah to Southern California. The proposal was rejected and Utah became a state after Young's death.

Branson most well known entertainer Andy Williams states in his biography that his father asked him to help the Osmond family early in his career. The Osmonds followed Andy Williams lead to Branson where they opened a theater that has since been sold to Clay Cooper.

The Osmonds are still in Branson and will be performing at Music City Center starting in September.