Branson Missouri Editor's Notes - Taney County Debates, Branson City Hall and Foreign Labor

As the morning sun rises and I emerge from a 6 hour stint of unscrambling rogue PHP I'm reflecting on the nights events.

Moving backwards...

A website I had the privilege of working on several years ago is now fixed. Hundreds of people and multiple data sets give those searching for real estate in the Branson market access to integrated maps of 561 real estate agent listings, nearly 6,000 properties and the ability to cross-check data against the county sexual offender database. It's still cutting edge after 4 years (which is light years in Internet time). Though I was able to find funding for the project though a local entrepreneur; I am painfully aware that the project is the culmination of hundreds of people. Even today, every agent in the market will upload data for programs to process at midnight. A kink in the wheel could stop a massive engine from turning calling me in for repair duties.

Prior to tackling data I'm working with a partner on a survey of foreign laborers imported to Branson from overseas. Through the course of the evening I meet eight groups of foreign workers. Each group is segmented by nationality. Twelve Russians, eight Macedonians, three Turks and seven Kazantzakis pay between 2,500 and 5,000 to work in glorious Branson. The fact is a bit irritating since the welfare dole overwhelms our Christian County neighbors.

A legislative meeting at Branson City Hall conflicted with a debate at the Keeter center.

While the majority of my career has focused on technical know-how, trends force me to adjust my strategy and collaborate in new ways.

Back to the Keeter Center. Three major players lack of attendance weakened the civic value of the debates. For Missouri's District 7 Congressional seat both state senator Jack Goodman and Gary Nodler are absent. For Missouri's open Senate seat Congressman Roy Blunt isn't present. Though more are missing the three politicians mentioned above have a high likelihood of victory.

Hollister's favorite political irritant Ricky Renfro promises the video of the event so I took advantage of my time at the debates to work the halls and gather political intel. Like the cron job on the real estate site Renfro delivers by morning. We struck a deal. If he liberates the data I'll run a post for his favorite candidate.

At Branson City Hall, former Nixa Alderman Micheal Durbin's on the case. As a conservative at a Branson Alderman meeting he's alone amongst a herd of liberal sheep; but he's a fighter, understands municipal law and procedures and I believe he'll serve Branson as a good watchdog for the public. I'm excited to see his work.

Prior to arriving in Branson I worked as a strategist for a silicon valley tech firm. Corporate intelligence is far more complex than politics. While sharing information in business can get you in legal trouble, withholding information in politics is illegal.

When the night was still young I gathered war stories. Competing politicians eye me as I speak with their competitors (I talk to all of them) and I gather the tales of battles fought. It's a necessary procedure to raise personal empathy. The death of 648 journalists is a double edged sword, it means few will pity my experiences being unlawfully detained

Southwest Missouri Politicians have to develop a strong ground game to win elections and one politico recounts having phlem hawked into his face after telling the citizen what party he belonged to (she didn't like Republicans). I bet he wished he didn't knock on that door.

A congressional candidate shares his non-stop schedule and frustration with constantly answering false accusations. A local politician recants a threat issued by a local reporter (he/she has a foot high stack of papers detailing what a horrible guy he is).

During election season every politician is nice to reporters. After the elections....

Twice I have to issue the riot act but it's enough pressure to learn about the character of the candidates.

As the sun rises it's time to sort through the data.It's time to re-group and test new processes intended to expand the marketplace of ideas and allow for greater community collaboration.,

(Funnies courtesy of Da' Gaurdian)