City Unanimously Rejects Nelly Outdoor Permit

Already on par with 1.2 million dollars in municipal legal expenses citizens will have to fork out another unknown amount as promoters of the Grand Palace and Nelly's scheduled outdoor appearance was blocked by Branson City Council.

Grand Palace promoters expect to file several motions against the city of Branson by the end of the week.

The 6-0 vote in favor of upholding the City Administrator's recommendation to reject a permit is marked with public disapproval.

Larry Milton's paid gun "Seagull" was the only member of the public who spoke in favor of censoring the outdoor production.

The Branson Daily Independent held off publication until after the decision was made. Former Branson Daily News Political Columnist Cliff Sain was on hand for Gannet's Springfield News-Leader and KY3 was on-hand. The Nelly concert, the city's failed litigation efforts against the Branson Airport  and Branson Landing lawsuit have grabbed the attention of regional press.