Baldknobbers past and present

"The threat is forever changing," Lopes continues. "Intelligence is what gives us our edge, our crystal ball if you will. We've seen terrorism become more localized, more homegrown since 9/11. What shape will it take tomorrow? That's what we have to be continually on the look out for."

The quote is from a post submitted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) submitted by the FBI this morning. As a sidenote, the FBI has joined the ranks of the NSA and CIA in submitting breaking news to bloggers.

Home grown terrorism is a very real part of Southern Missouri history. This unfortunate legacy exists today. Heaviest activity seems to lurk in the Stone, Southern Christian, north and eastern Taney counties.

Controversy over the historical facts begins with those that wrote the history of the day. Consider the Spanish word for newspaper - "Politico" -

Some would say the Baldknobbers were absorbed by the KKK - a hate group that operates in our region to this day. Leaders of this hate group will tell you they're protecting a "family line".

Another complication lays with the fact that at every possible junction, our local hate groups burn down every shred of historical evidence they can. Whether it's a fire in Branson while the whole town is at a courthouse or the whole courthouse (attorneys) deciding to burn the thing down together, little remains by those who didn't want it seen.

If there is a lesson in history, they've been hid well enough that little remains that isn't open to conjecture - even by those that have spent vast amounts of money trying to recover what fact remains.

I've been asked why I allude to the the Senator from Kansas City - Jolie Justus. It's pointed out to me that her politics are hopelessly liberal. It's because this historical record is about Branson and few can prove their ties to this land as clear as hers. After all, her Great Grandfather signed the original documents that turned little old Lucia into the City of Branson.

As much change as Branson has seen, things remain the same. A hundred summers ago they were arguing about alcohol at the Branson Landing.

Outsiders would come - they would invest - someone would burn it down. Seems to summate the cycle.

The underground society of the Baldknobbers gives me the chills. As does an organization reciting their "oath of blood" in our counties town squares.