I just want to take a moment to make a shout out to Go Magazine. It's not easy to beat me on my own turf (unless you're a single female) but they've done it to me three times now.

, Howie the Manatee - How ingenious of them to get a manatee on the payroll! I have a hard time getting city governments to send me press releases and they answer this brain scrambler...

That’s like asking Does Dolly Parton sleep on her back? And the answer is, I don’t know. I’ve never met Dolly.

So, here I am taking 200 photos of Wed. Night Fights at Shake it Up and who gets to break the Tanya Harding story? If you don't know ask the manatee.

Anywho, she's coming next month and guess who has the exclusive interview? That's right ...ask the manatee. (She's coming next month and the Manatee knows who represents)

The real kicker is Mr. Gary Whitaker himself. He's been in town scoping the hotspots for a couple months now. Do I get to pull a fast one on Greg..... not a chance.

Finally, it hits me. While I'm spending all my time at bars studying...they're making money spending time at bars drinking.

Last month, I'm chillin' with the Dutton's and there he is...Mr. Whitaker. He tells me about one scribble on a dotted line - GO magazine just inked a contract with revenue exceeding everything they've done to date. Rightfully so.

They're obnoxiously fun - actually spend money on design and seem to always know where the party's at.

I'm giving up sobriety for the night. Maybe, it will help me meet this deadline.