Boom Boom Schoneboom - Branson's Interim Admisistrator

Meet the city of Branson's Interim city administrator California native Frank Schoneboom. The mild mannered assistant administrator was bumped up yesterday to Branson’s top position in the wake of Terry Dody’s departure. Best described as a low key hipster, Shoneboom has the goods when it comes to city data. Shoneboom is well aware of both the economic and moral economy by which Branson prosperity lays, asking himself – “How does Branson grow without losing its soul.” His bio from the city reads:

In addition to assisting the City Administrator in the oversight of all the Departments of the City, the Assistant City Administrator serves as the Administrative Services Director of the City of Branson, which oversees the activities of the Health Department, City Clerk/Municipal Court, Parks & Recreations Department, CIS Department and the Communications Department.

Frank Schoneboom has been the assistant city administrator since June 2004. A native of San Diego, CA, Schoneboom has 13 years experience in the public sector and municipal government. He has a Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of California - San Diego and Master of Business Administration, Management from the University of Redlands in San Diego. Before coming to Branson, Schoneboom was the city administrator of Rogersville, MO. He has also served in administrative positions for large non-profit organizations in California before relocating to Missouri in 2000.