KSPR preparing to launch new televistion format (1 of 2)

Springfield 33's ratings are nothing to brag about. On the other hand KY3 claims the position of top dog in Southern Missouri - seemingly with their eyes closed.

Exit Piedmont Media who sold Springfield 33 to KY3 Inc. in a deal that closed last week. The new ABC affiliate will be known as KSPR - the call letters of "the channel formerly known as Springfield 33".

Joe Daues was excited about the station's approach to news which he promised will include analysis and feisty commentary from his co-anchor and wife Christine. They've already made a pact to leave heated debate at work.

According to Joe Daues, the couple pitched the idea of a husband and wife news team to several stations throughout the Midwest.

Chatterboy Ron Davis will serve as KSPR's #2 man - perhaps, he's working on the interactive elements the station says they're working on.

Big shout-out to KSPR Weekend Anchor Michelle Sherwood. Congrats (We're reserving the right to put up another post for you!)

Journalism professor Andrew R. Cline
once told me a transcript from an entire half-hour newscast wouldn't even fill the page of one broadsheet. What and how are they going to fill in more content with the same amount of time?

As I understand it they'll be moving into the same building as KY3 over the next year. I wonder how long it will take for the wall to fall?

Last comment - A husband and wife team who will only fight on television should make for good programming.