Branson City Government Headlines Censored From AP Wire 2010

If Branson's governmental body was required by law to act with integrity the following headlines would be on the mandatory publishing list and distributed over the AP Wire:

1. Branson Mayor and Board of Alderman's lack of common decency costs Branson residents $1.2 million in legal fees in 2010.Mayor hides dereliction of duty through Sunshine Law loopholes. 

2. Branson Mayor and Board of Alderman send fraudulent press release over wire to slander private concert promoter, alter dates and insinuate alcohol will be sold to further harm party uninterested in promoting such activity..

3. Branson Mayor massively increases municipal spending to fund her private business activities; lobbyists funded by tax payers are asked to assist by pressuring state to allow higher utility rate increase. The max increase has already been enacted.

4. Branson Mayor spends a cool million dollars on personal trips and political efforts. The expense is budgeted in lieu of granting city employees 6% pay raise.

5. Branson Mayor spends $2 million dollars on unsuccessful witch hunts arrogantly fails to apologize to private sector business and individuals falsely accused of wrong doing.

6. Branson Mayor fires all city department heads with IQ Range of 125 to 145.  All fired city employees nationally recognized for excellence in their field.

7.  Branson Mayor and Board of Alderman reject $25k Branson Landing property settlement. Harmed party granted $90 million dollars in  property by Taney County Jury.

8. Branson Mayor helps business partner bypass municipal processes designed to thwart free market economics (this headline would run every other week0.

9. Branson Mayor fires whistle blower who accuses Mayor of fraud.

10. Branson Mayor Presley Theater creates 0 dollars in new revenue -  Branson Landing generates $450,000,000 in sales during same period.