38th Circuit Judge Mark Orr Denies Restraining Order/Writ Forcing City of Branson To Obey Municipal Ordinances

An attempt by Annisa Bluebam on behalf of Paul Dunn and and Steven Lind to bar the cities attempts to block the city of Branson's denial of a special events permit that would allow rap artist Nelly to perform outdoors was denied by Missouri's 38th Circuit Judge Mark Orr.

Notice of pending legal action was served to city attorney Dub Duston minutes before an appearance in front of Missouri's 38th Circuit Judge Mark Orr. 

A writ of mandamus which would have forced the city of Branson to obey the Constitution and the municipalities own ordinances was denied early in the evening before most media outlets went forward with publication.

The Mansion Theater is expected to host the event but a formal announcement has not yet been made.