Mayor Raeanne Presley - Dispatch from Kansas City Missouri

To Ms. Raeanne Presley Mayor of Branson,

Greetings. I believe there are a few things you should be aware of. The first is that there have been numerous violations of the Missouri Constitution through actions of the city you lead.

By law, you are personally responsible.

Yesterday, I visited the law firm Lathrop and Gage. At first they shunned me; however, with the knowledge that I'm the principal of an Evil Corporation© they are considering my case.

I don't think you're a bad person. In fact, I believe there are two kinds of people - Presley People and Baldknobber People. I consider myself a Presley Person and find your family to be a cumulation of some of the most beautiful people in Branson.

Regardless of my love of your family; I have a family of my own. Your actions, though unintentional have resulted in great financial damage to me personally and - I believe - will drive the city into bankruptcy.

The shift in government models which you have made has turned from a representative to a "facist" model. Branson cannot afford this.

I believe that you need to serve in a government capacity at a different level in order to bring honor and blessings to us. In other words - you need to be working with bodies demanding committee style leadership.

As a result, I would like to assist you in accruing a position at the Federal Level. Please consider the impact of your actions and the responsibilities I have. Pray about this - please.

Darin Codon
"Future Liquor Czar of Branson"

Elected in April 2007, Raeanne Presley is serving her first term as Branson's mayor. She is co-owner of Presley's Country Jubilee Theater, which was the first music theater to open on the world famous Highway 76 "strip".

Ms. Presley has over 30 years experience in the travel industry and is the immediate past chairman of the Missouri Tourism Commission. She is active in the Branson community having served on the Branson Board of Aldermen, on the Skaggs Community Health Center Board of Directors, the Springfield/Branson Airport Board and numerous other civic boards.
She and her husband Steve have three children who work and perform at the Presley theater.