Greetings Teressa!

Thank you for your kind words. After careful view of your resume, I've decided to enable the technologies you need to continue to develop your career.

You're probably the most experienced journalist in Branson and am happy to meet you. Your dedication is unmatched but your approach allows lesser men to challenge your credibility.

As a result, I'm going to help you restore that in the Journalism Community. First, if you're going to work with me, you have to give up your memebership to any organization that isn't specifically for your spiritual edification - church.

Second, you're going to have to delete your website completely. Again, I appreciate your dedication. Since people call you a liar (and you probably have lied at some point in your life) I'm offering you 30 days free training under the supervised instruction of Religious Columnist Rabbi David Bess.

Personally, I don't have the time to fully train you until you complete some basic steps. If you're willing to let go of your affilliations that affect your bias towards what you write, then you should continue a career as an activist and leave reporting to professionals.

Activism is a spiritual quest while journalism is a professional application of produces "Corpus Delecti". Bess is a priest, therefore he has the authority to speak about God in a journalistic environment. You do not, if you want to be a journalist unless it's quoting someone in an official meeting.

The joy of knowing you and that after my training is complete you'll have the opportunity to pursue a career beating Gary Groman in debate is awesome. Unfortunately, I do not have time for coffee with you as Bess is making his way from Isreal to meet me next week.

You need a mentor badly. The Christian County Headliner Editor aka "The News Muse" will share her techniques with you on "How to Properly Irritate Incompetent Government Officials"

Vonda Sheets is my friend. I love her, but, you are competition with her. Keep a business relationship, be respectful. She's currently working on documenting the history of Taney County - An awesome and worthy endeavor. She's far more experienced and connected, this is a person you want to learn from not challenge - yet.

Rabbi Bess has told me it is inappropriate for me to debate a woman. After careful consideration of his wisdom, I feel inspired to issue Raeanne Presley an apology. She's been like a mother to me.

But, if you want to train so you can harrass her instead - JOY! I'm so sick of going to these meetings and would love for someone to take my beat. Later today, I'll announce my candidacy for public office. I fear covering Branson City Council is just taking too much of my time.

Darin Codon
***Thanks for calling when no one seemed to care