Branson Judge Tom Motley

Branson Judge Tom Motley is one of the most balanced men I've ever met in my life.

Mr. Motley,

Thank you for being a good father. As you may or may not know, I've studied this town ruthlessly over the past 5 years and sought the truth regarding men's hearts as I know you have. You're kind, courteous, respectul and far humbler than I'll ever be.
Now, just so we can clear the air - I wasn't real happy about the whole reworking of the DBMA charter.
I don't know - call me a fool - but I'm a fan of democracy.

:) hahaha chuckles***

Anywho, just so you know - out here in the open - where everyone can see it - I'm not pleased with the Government of Branson these days. Unfortunately, a few city leaders think this is a reason to test the length by which they can limit my civil rights. Offended yet? No, of course not, you already know this. You'd have to being a father to the filthy actions of the children of this community.
Sir, seriously, we're in big trouble and I don't want to say it out loud because as a Priest I'm offended and I'm shocked others aren't.
These filthy rotten rich ungrateful children are almost beginning to act as bad as their parents.

I will do my best to respect these leaders that do so little to protect civil liberties. In fact, just the other day, right before I ran into you at the grocery store, I watched a man get kicked off a public parking lot while praying.

I plan to be a total prick to authority, to fight facists and most importantly to protect the fatherless. I'll be in your court to testify regularly. I read every arrest report and sometimes - crying - single mothers call me asking me what to do when their children have been unfairly treated.

The wicked in Branson plea to me. These kids come up to me because they see me disrespect their hypocrite parents. What has offended me the most in terms of civil liberties isn't even a crime. Sir, I have seen unfair treatment under the law from rich, corrupt, lawless parents and harshness to fatherless children. Isn't this sad?

I've worked as an assistant director of a youth home in Santa Monica, CA where one of my jobs was to pick kids up from the juvenile courts.

When they ask me how to win your favor, here's what I will tell them. Go above and beyond what would be asked of them for penitence before they reach your stand. I'll teach them how to ask for forgiveness for the people they have wronged. I live just a few blocks from you and a few blocks from the courthouse. Call me anytime you need a truthful answer in the courtroom. It's possible that I will petition Circuit Judge Mark Orr for the right to bring a camera into the courtroom. If I'm not mistaken, under the Missouri Supreme Court guidelines and the 38th Circuit Rules you have leverage to allow this.

I will record and post on my media intelligence site all arrests made by the Branson Police Department as I've been doing for some time, however, if a man confesses quickly and says he's sorry - I'll erase his name from the list with the word - forgiven.

I want to be a good man though I'm ruthless and losing patience with the arrogance of some of our leaders. I wish I had the patience you have for these self-centered politicians.

Respectfully Yours,
Darin Codon