Taney and Stone County Election Highlights

Rockaway Beach - divide continues among citizens with votes split near evenly in every run. Former Rockaway Beach Alderman Sue Riggs is certain to ask for a recall losing to Carol Szabo by two votes...ouch. Wait until they see my Missouri Senate update story about gambling tomorrow in the Taney County Times...

Branson - Major Shakeup. Raeanne Presley wins with 82% of the vote. When on the campaign trail Presely said the Mayor is only as good as her aldermen and helped to secure victory for Sandra Williams (who won by a surprisingly large margin) and Bob McDowell. Ron Herschend MC'd Presely's victory party.

Stone County - Ousted Reed Springs School Teacher Mike Collins gets revenge. Superintendent Angie Besendorfer got a fat raise after the community questioned her competence. The entire Reed Springs School Board was punished at the polls and a political lynching may be on the horizon. Collin's made a personal appearance at the Stone County seat in Galena.