St. Louis Area Senator Michael Gibbons and Branson Native Jolie Justus's Parents

Parental Shot 
Being in Taney County and covering the courts means I usually call Senator Jolie Justus's father by his political title but this shot was taken for Jolie. In an interview prior to shooting, Gibbons made some complimentary statements about Senator Jolie Justus but made sure to remind me that she was a liberal. Though this may be a dirty word in this part of the state to Jolie it's the equivalent of calling her 'good looking.' I have to admit that I enjoyed taking this shot saying, "Oooh I have to take this for Jolie" before shooting, which may explain the general posture. Jolie claims her father has never had a bad hair day - which may be true (I haven't had one since 1999) but, a few weeks ago he knew I was coming and made it an exceptional hair day (I'll put this one up here later). PS Can you set that guy Tony in your district straight and let him know we outlawed outhouses on the strip nearly a decade ago?