Branson Wants to get deep in the heart of Texans

(Click Here To See Large Version of the Branson Texas Ad)The ad posted above is part of Branson's 2007 marketing campaign. Their are some changes to the Chamber's marketing approach. One is more targeted ads. Though the message is generally the same, markets and segments are approached with greater focus. The subtle message is, "shop here, you won't look fat in these jeans". Which is not a bad message for the descriminating housewife. She's 35-45, has a lot of cash, pretty much makes the decisions and can leverage more shopping time if her husband is happy with Branson's world class fishing. Bonus - the kids are with dad. It's just her and visa - everybody's happy.
On the flip slide is an ad targeted for the Texan Man. BDN reported the Branson Chamber and Visitors Bureau is getting ink in Texas.