Dick Gass says "I want 10 million visitors to Branson"

Ten million is the magic number for Branson tourism. Dick Gass spoke out after what Mayor Raeanne Presley called Branson 101. Clearly, Branson has to grow. Debt service demands are high and keeping up with infrastructure demands will inevitably add weight to Branson's financial burden.
Branson wants to be number one. Nixa and Ozark were cited in a number of public meetings last month whose policies provide a marker for Branson pay rates and services. A study conducted by a major developer last month revealed the Christian County market is going to experience a decline. Though rapid growth has been a theme over the last decade occupancy is relatively low. Inevitably, this will result in a decline of property values.
The housing market in Stone and Taney County should slow down as well though Branson's core tourism market is healthy. Full funding for tourism at the state level and local funding for tourism at an all time high could make Gass's goal a reality.
The biggest threat and determining factor, according to city documents, is gas prices.