Presidential Race - Gambler's Odds

While it's illegal to gamble online if you're an American; other nations  have no such restrictions. A battle to change gambling laws was debated  last month in Washington D.C.

What if you wanted to bet on who will be the next president of the United States? Based on today's numbers (which changed over the weekend) a hundred dollar bet on who will be the next President yields the following returns

(Returns based on $100 bet)

(Odds, Candidate, Return)
8/11 Barack Obama $172
2/1   Mitt Romney $300
9/1   Rick Perry $1,000
16/1 Herman Cain $1,700
20/1 Ron Paul $2,100
33/1 Hillary Clinton $3,400
40/1 Jon Huntsman $4,100
66/1 Michelle Bachmann $6,700
80/1 Joe Biden $8,100

Returns are based on odds European online gambling houses are currently accepting and change often.