Branson Mayor and the Anti-Tea Party Movement (Editorial)

When Fiscal Liberals Attack 
An acid test for modern conservative and liberal politicians can most easily be found by how the term "sustainability" is defined. For an economic conservative the term sustainability refers to fiscal restraint. The battle cry of the current tea party movement requires government to respect the right of persons to maintain their acquired wealth without the impediment of government interference.

For the liberal, private property rights are nullified by the greater good of the community. The extreme is socialism whose tenants state that all land is the public domain. Branson's current mayor and by association Branosn's current Board of Alderman have taken an extremely liberal  leaning perspective on economic policy, and development. 

Over the past two years, thousands of pages of new legislation dictate restrictions on property rights for land owners in Branson. Sustainability for Mayor Raeanne Presley means limiting property rights and strict adherence to the United Nation's agenda 21. Agenda 21 defines sustainability as a local issue and conducts training classes for different organizations on how to legally limit private property rights for the "greater social good".. 

We've heard numerous speakers at city hall helping promote a fiscally liberal agenda negating private property rights in favor of environmental regulation. Over a million in tax payer dollars handed out to left-wing community planners and most recently paid an estimated $20,000 for Branson's mayor and friends to attend a conference on how to implement "environmental sustainability" objectives that were birthed far from Branson. Since the trip lacks fiscal practicality I call it one of Presley's many pointless vacations on the taxpayer dime. 

Dictation regarding what people do on their private property, including the type of vehicle in their driveway, signage in front of their building and soon strict restrictions on building altogether are inspired by a generation of business heirs who desire protectionist legislation to prevent  competition in the marketplace. They're grandparents were great innovators and they see no need for others to continue the tradition.

The battle cry of Branson's Hotel and Restaurant association of late is, "We have too many hotels". They've adopted the anti-development protectionist attitude which will continue to harm the local economy if it remains unquestioned. 

Our political leaders have been attending planning meetings in an attempt to stop development in neighboring communities, they fear growth and entrepreneurial endeavors will threaten their established businesses. Not only does this contradict conservative economics it directly contradicts the traditions of the very families they've been born or married into. Shouldn't new families have the same rights as the Presley and Meyers family had when they begat their citizenship in Branson not so many years ago ?

In essence, their very financial sustainability is dependent on the fact other families were not interfering with their ambitions as the partook in business development. These great additions to the already existing entertainment and nightly rental market wouldn't exist if there were anti free market agendas interfering with an ambition to innovate. These great additions to Branson's economy might not exist if their grandchildren were at the helm.

Branson is the richest per capita county in Missouri; yet our fiscally irresponsible leaders are spending tax dollars to stop business development instead of promote it. Sadly for the community they've been successful and we've seen the results. 

We've watched crime rates rise. We've watched Presley spend $12 million in savings above the estimated $75 million budget allocated annually. We've seen tax increases, utility increases (a hidden business tax), increased red tape for business and  rising poverty. The Obama administration's reinvestment act brought an additional $12 million to build a new bridge which wasn't used as an incentive to save but rather incentive to increase deficit spending. 

An anti-business agenda is not Branson's past. It is the current administration at city hall's objective - to stop development and if it continues we have no bright future. Eventually, the heir of Branson's entrepreneurial families cut their own throats by denying our heritage. 

Branson's leadership has determined that they were elected to stop economic growth. The Branson Landing, Branson Hills and Branson Airport in many's eyes represent unbalanced  business development. We now see that they are financial engines generating millions in new revenue - new revenue our mayor is happy to spend while criticizing. 

The community's rejection of past leaders was not a referendum on development, free market economics nor capitalism. It was a referendum on corruption and a new breed of fiscal liberals prove corruption takes many forms. Corruption can be utilized to stop growth as it can to greedily promote it.

Much more of the same is to come. Presley has been scheduling public meetings at the Branson Convention Center on Saturday's to plot new spending. Neither the public nor press has attended these meetings. And while on many occasions Presley has given the middle finger to the sunshine law; public notice has been given with little notation on the public record. 

If you want to understand corruption and liberal politics in Branson; allow me to riddle you this: Branson's leader's are underestimating general fund revenue expenditures by as much as $10 million.

You might ask yourself, "Why would Presley under-budget ?"  When retailers audit for theft they look for disparity. A cash drawer over stocked is as much a sign of theft as a short changed drawer. It is a sign that money put in the cash drawer has other purposes. 

The current state of the media - one which republishes prepared statements - often misleading - will report Branson has millions in unanticipated revenue later this year. This will be a precept to new spending. You can bet your business the money will be spent. And you can bet your bottom dollar it won't be spent on economic sustainability measures. After all, fiscal liberals don't understand sustainability, they undermine it.