Branson's Black Friday (2011)

Large croud  lines outside Branson KMART at 3:00 AM
Christmas in Branson begins two days before Halloween. The first Christmas lights and publicly funded street lights line Branson's main arteries before the 1st of November.

Thanksgiving leftovers have made way to late not shopping. Lost leader specials drawing mobs assimilated in long lines outside Branson's department stores.

Early reports from Branson beat cops push Target as the most heated frenzy. Apparently a couple patrons had to be subdued with handcuffs but were eventually calmed down enough to be released before formal arrests.

Google scores big this holiday season. Android leveraged devices in the form of touch screen phones and pads drastically discount similar offerings from Apple.

Walmart launched "doorbuster" specials at 10:00 PM Thanksgiving eve and 12:00 to open Black Friday. Territorial position circled pallets of limited quantities of low price merchandise.

A Walmart in Los Angeles was partially evacuated this morning.. To gain competitive advantage 20 people were pepper sprayed by an aggressive shopper reported the Los Angeles Times this morning with detailed accounts of the incident.

Black Friday's total spending has been forceast at $500 billion this season up 3% from lats year.