Will opinion become irrelevant?

Beloved liberal chatter bot Ron Davis, recent Springfield 33 recruit pipes in on opinion talk radio as a empire ready to fall. Interesting topic in the wake of a post about local columnist Gary Groman.
Both have something in common. Davis led a fascinating campaign for a democratic candidate (some of the Internet campaign clips were posted here). In today's environment, what people expect, is unbiased reporting; however, some believe this is a fictional persona as corporations peddle the truth market. Groman wrote a second play by play assessment of Branson city council (page 2) and an opinion column in the same individuals in (page 4) the same edition.
We thought Davis's mainstream journalism career was dead; but the free market demanded a comeback.
I believe the answer lays in the work of MSU Journalism Professor Andrew Cline.
Cite your sources - better yet - publish them. We were successful in getting audio of Branson's city council meetings online which has greatly helped the quality of reporting on civic issues. By publishing our source documents, we raise the bar, expectation and journalistic standard.
Problem. The ethical standards imposed by our journalistic forefathers and the desires of corporate networks conflict. People like opinion, even when it comes in the form of faux facts based reporting. The empire keeps growing.