Branson Reviewed Moving out of Beta

Nearly a year to create and a lesson in managing international labor the Branson Reviewed site is nearly complete. Being respectful to the theaters and honoring our visitors creates a problem for many sites advertising Branson Shows. The intent of this site was to create an honest, independent system to evaluate shows.
The system is clearly biased, however, provides a better gauge than many other sites who "tow the party line". It'll be interesting to see how this site evolves. The site grades shows with a four-star grading system. From what I've read Jim Stafford is the only site to grip a four star rating. Here's what it says:
" There’s a reason for that great big star on the back of the Jim Stafford Theater. There’s a great big reason for it.

Pass-by the Jim Stafford Theatre, right there on Branson’s Highway 76, and you quickly get the feeling that something special is going on in there…and out in front, too. That multi-million dollar video sign that towers on the strip provides a multi-colored clue. The well-planted grounds are meticulous and the handsome theatre fa├žade is… well, it’s kind-of fun!

Kudos for trying to raise the bar and good luck on your venture...