Branson Missouri Aldermen Debate

Branson Alderman Meeting
Branson Landing Update
The Branson Landing is on budget and on time. The reports are pretty much the same. Alderman Dick Gass affirms the timeline at each meeting.
Hear Audio of Branson Landing Update
Branson Arts Council asked for $35,000 see post below.
Hear Audio of Branson Arts Council Request For Funds
Surrey Grand Crowne applied for a permit to reduce parking requirements. The issue ended up igniting a longer debate than anticipated. Aldermen voted 3-3 and the Mayor broke the tie.
Hear Audio of Debate and Mayor Casting Her First Vote

Branson Landing and Branson Hills Sign Requests
Hear Audio of Branson Hills Sign Request
Hear Audio of Branson Landing Sign Request

Planning and Zoning + Engineering Initiatives Bills 3413,3414 and 3415
Hear Engineering Initiatives + P & Z

Bill 3416 Citizens on Patrol. The initiative resulted in extended debate. It allows citizens to serve on the budget, capital improvements and human resources committees.
Hear Citizens on Patrol Debate
Bill 3417 Clerk Notes - Changes clerk responsibilities to include summaries of public speakers.
Hear Clerk Notes
Bills 3419 -3420 Engineering Department - Money from MoDOT
Bill 3419 Audio Brief Hiking Trail Money
Bill 3420 Audio Brief 248 Interchange Money
Sale or lease of city property on 76 and Fall Creek. Aldermen voted to not sale.
Audio Land for Sale ?

Discussion on the use of the name Branson outside of city limits.
Name Debate