Branson Missouri Race Relations Part III

We covered the bases. Let's bring this up to date. Negotiation broke down this week when it came to immigration reform. The massive task earned a pass and criticism for Senator Bond on the issue of cloture and praise for Senator McCaskill for holding to her beliefs (say what). They killed the bill. No immigration reform. The issue was addressed by Branson Alderman Jack Purvis and Western Taney County Commissioner Ron Herschend. "What are we gonna do about these Mexicans?" Hmm.
Competition at the below living wage job market is fierce. One local company who recently gained a multi-million dollar psuedo-government contract is attempting to recruit Latin nationals by advertising in urban markets inundated with immigrants. Hmmm.
Let's go back to the capitol. An early vote gave Senator's a full day to blab their little gums after accomplishing absolutely nothing for the immigration issue. According to Arizona Governor,(D) Janet Napolitanoas she addressed the National Press Club the path to immigration reform:
"It is going to require Congress to end the rhetoric, stop the politics, provide sustained funding, and turn away from extreme, unworkable solutions that solve nothing and only delay the benefits of real reform. congress needs to act now.

Nepolitano says, states such as California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas are going to initiate state immigration policies if the federal government doesn't act. She says , "the time is now", doubting any immigration reform will occur over the next several years due to the political cycles.
The Democrats in DC have moved on. They're pushing for campaign finance reform, which would go into effect sometime after the next election cycle. What's frustrating is the public debate focused on cloture, one of 27 proposed modifications to the immigration bill. Democrats won by killing the bill - and the Republicans didn't look too good in the process.
Branson currently has 291 jobs listed in the State Job Bank and an additional 200 at the Branson Landing alone. Bottom line, supply and demand, the market will likely demand we lean on a foreign workforce - or obey supply and demand economics - which would increase local wages drastically and destroy some local establishments.